HIRETECH is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVOB) and a minority-owned small business. Our executive approach allows us to match the best candidates and quality companies together. As a small business, we understand the importance of finding the right fit the first time for both candidates and companies. Since 1995, HIRETECH continues to deliver high-caliber professional engineers across the industry and has grown our line of efforts to include transitioning military members and veterans. HIRETECH can help you find the best solution for your engineering, sales, marketing, information technology, supply chain, and manufacturing operations needs. If you’re looking to join a winning team or find the best talent for your organization, contact our team of recruiting experts and account executives today.

HIRETECH is a subsidiary of Leading Edge Engineering, Inc. (LEE).  LEE is an engineering consulting firm established in 1993 by Dr. Richard A. Dean and Mr. T.E. Northup. HIRETECH, currently managed by Kitja Horpayak, was formed in 1995 in response to our client’s requests to support their needs for temporary in-house engineers, scientists, and technicians. These contract personnel, hired by Leading Edge Engineering, Inc. are placed within a client’s facilities and are managed by their staff. When the need is satisfied, the contract employee is returned to Leading Edge for subsequent assignment to another client in need.  HIRETECH continued to grow under Chris Lussier’s leadership from 1995 until 2022.  Chris is a retired naval officer with 22 years of experience managing large engineering service organizations. Under Chris’ leadership, HIRETECH continued to provide high-caliber temporary engineers to LEE’s clients and expanded to provide temporary-to-permanent, and direct placement services throughout California.

How We Operate…

HIRETECH’s staff of engineering professionals strive to understand your specific technical requirements in order to provide an individual skilled and experienced in your area of need.

HIRETECH is flexible; should your needs change, we can quickly respond.

  • HIRETECH candidates can be temporarily placed under your operational and technical direction.
  • HIRETECH candidates can be offered regular employment after a suitable “trial” period.
  • HIRETECH candidates can be offered regular employment immediately.
  • HIRETECH can also conduct a contingency search to recruit engineering professionals with specialized skills