Employer Services

HIRETECH, a subsidiary of LEADING EDGE ENGINEERING, INC., is exclusively devoted to providing engineers, technicians, and computer professionals to industry. Our candidates are available for direct, temporary or contract employment or may be available on a consulting basis. HIRETECH can conduct a contingency search for individuals with specific skills which are not readily available. This search can be focused as necessary to meet the client’s specific requirements.

HIRETECH has assembled a roster of candidates with specialties in numerous design, analysis, test, operations, manufacturing, training and programmatic areas. These individuals have diverse backgrounds, hands-on in-depth experience, and exposure to a wide variety of tasks.

HIRETECH’s candidates, many with multi-lingual skills and/or professional engineering licenses, are thoroughly familiar with national and international codes and standards such as ISO 9000, ASTM, MIL-STD’s, ASME B&PVC, ACI, IEEE, and ANSI.