Job Search Instructions

HIRETECH currently has openings for the positions that may be a fit for you. Please send our team your resume and contact information.

Please include the following information with your resume:

  • Best way and time to contact you.
  • Please include your email address.
  • Availability for interviews.
  • Earliest start date if offered a position.
  • Desired or minimum salary and salary history. For contract/consulting positions include your desired or minimum hourly rate and whether you prefer to work as an employee (W2) or independent contractor (1099).
  • Relocation requirements (size of household, special requirements, etc.)
  • Immigration status if not a permanent resident of the U.S. (exact visa and any special authorization to work if applicable)

Additional information on job descriptions:

Positions are offered on a full time, part time, contract, contract to hire, or consulting basis as indicated in the job description.

Contract positions are offered with HIRETECH as the employer of record with work performed under the supervision of HIRETECH`s client. Payroll is on a W-2 basis.

Consulting positions are offered to independent contractors with payment on a 1099 basis.

Some positions require U.S. Residency or other authorization to work in the U.S.

All positions are offered at no charge to the individual candidate. All fees are paid by the prospective employer.

Relocation expense reimbursement or per diem allowances are listed in the job announcement or are as negotiated with the prospective employer.

Some positions require successful completion of a Drug Screen Test at a certified drug testing lab approved and paid for by the Employer.

Some positions require successful completion of a background investigation and reference check.

HIRETECH is an equal opportunity employer.