Essay Writing Techniques

There are different types of essays: some of them are more fact-based, other ones are focused on a writer’s ideas and opinions. Regardless of this, you will need to fulfill substantial research to write your essay. This article provides the hints on such element of essay writing technique as searching the information.

Library Research as the Element of Your Essay Writing Technique

  • Use the sources provided in your assignment.
  • Use the sources cited in your lectures.
  • Use the catalogue and find the sources relevant to your topic.

Be attentive with the date: some fields (for example, Economics) require using the latest sources; as for History, the old sources can be rather helpful.

Internet Search as the Element of Your Essay Writing Technique

The reliability of the information in the Internet varies substantially:

  • .edu, .gov, .org pages are the most reliable.
  • .org pages have different reliability, estimate them critically.
  • .net pages are the least reliable.

Be attentive about the matters of political commitment and hidden advertising when working with the Internet sources.

Reading Sample Essays as the Element of Your Essay Writing Technique

Reading sample essays is also the important element of the essay writing technique: they are the source of information and ideas. However, copying the ideas and phrasing from the sample essays is not the effective essay writing technique: just take them into consideration in order to expand your understanding of the topic.

Interviewing as the Element of Your Essay Writing Technique

You may need to collect the information on your own. Using this element of the essay writing technique will make your essay original and persuasive.

These are the basic elements of college essay writing that accepts paypal. However, you may not limit yourself by them: you will gradually get the experience and form your own essay writing techniques.


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